99 Percent

99 percent is an attitude or mind set. Looking at the landscape of discourse in Architecture, we are thinking that the further description of one’s project is needed for clear understanding about the limitations and innovations of each project, especially when we deliver project to public because every project is complex by brief given, by each of the projects intention, by each of people contribution, consultants, owners, builders, or even critic by public.

If Perfection Imperfection concept takes as its founding principle the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, advocating the beauty to be found in roughness, imperfection, impermanence and the authentic then in Indonesia we have Sumarah, and more other beautiful things, about the self critism and spiritual wisdom from Java, it’s about art of surrender, losing your self to universe. Sumarah, of unconditional surrender, of total abandon which the actual act of faith disappears and is gradually substituted by its fruits : one abandons oneself to the process in complete and absolute acceptance of what is given, no longer asking for anything, no lone utilising the power of the will, no longer invoking faith. This is an absolutely neutral condition where there is no longer any need for effort.

The term 99 % is a process of almost finished which every work is always faced where 1% is left to the future for other critic, interpretations, and laughter with love, where work is judged, changed, redefined by further need. without 1 % 99% can not be 100%, in that way, the work of the architect should be open in product and process for the other than architect to complete it.