Realrich Sjarief in RAW Architecture exercised its mastery inside research and development entity in >O+ Workshop [Design Oriented Teritorry Workshop ], MΔDΣ in Jakarta and 99 percent, Surface, Architecture Fellowship and finally shared the knowledge and network in OMAH Architecture Library. >O+ Workshop is one building laboratory which focuses on invention of construction industry, implementation of material, detail design for achieving functionality and aesthetic issues in architecture. MΔDΣ in Jakarta is urban design study laboratory which focuses on urban design guideline principle, Generic city model, and finding urban design pattern. These 2 laboratories build framework for RAW Architecture, giving feedback for the architecture practice for understanding deeper framework in architecture.

> O + Workshop is a experimental builder workshop laboratory craving for perfection. In 2010, an agreement was signed with partners, which laid the foundations for what would later become the Laboratory’s “philosophy”. DOT Workshop is dedicated to promoting the architectural excellence by proposing construction study and research activities in the field of construction.

MΔDΣ in Jakarta is a Urban Design Workshop established in a response for a need of best practice of built environment in Indonesia. The Workshop consists of professionals who has deep concern of urban design praxis excellence. The workshop itself has done numerous project for local community in neighbourhood level.