about RAW Architecture

Realrich Sjarief established R A W Architecture (Realrich Architecture Workshop) in 2011. The studio is actively designing a specific approach building that is interested in locality and craftmanship to define an architecture that is simple, humble, has no pretension, and has the quality of transcendence. RAW Architecture projects strive for uniqueness and humble character of local material. The idea of RAW is that every building which developed wholeheartedly will create such a timeless, surreal, and mastery quality in its simplest form, most straightforward approach. In 2018 and 2019, Realrich Architecture Workshop was recently nominated as a world emerging architect in the Dezeen award and won high commendation on the Alfa Omega project. In 2018 and 2019 Recently Alfa Omega is set in two prestigious awards, World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam and Fibre Award led by Laetitia Fontaine and Dominique Gauzin-Muller. In 2012, RAW Architecture’s work, Bare Minimalist, was nominated for the Indonesian Institute of Architects Jakarta Award. In 2015, the Indonesian Institute of Architects nominated the National Gallery of Indonesia for the Jakarta Recognition Award, continuously Akanaka is selected as the Indonesian Institute of Architects Jakarta Award 2017, and Omah Library won the Indonesian Institute of Architects Jakarta Award 2017. Realrich reestablished the long history of craftsmanships in his builder’s family that lasted for three generations, 60 years of practice since Indonesia’s Independence. At that time, the practice has no name. The relationship between the supervisors and laborers was intimate and personal to service some clients. The course is well known for trust, quality, and authentic design innovation in the mastery of building construction in Indonesia. RAW Architecture revived the idea of a harmonic relationship between the craftsman, designer, people, and buildings as a whole. RAW Architecture has become the manifestation of this belief.

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