Rivoli Hotel

Appointment: 2013

Construction Start: 2013
Completion: 2015

Area: 1500 m²

Features : 5000 sam Luxury Hotel with a bridge corridor of sunlight at the middle of the building and facades responding to the context of main street of matraman. the development acts as new standard of identity of new iconic hotel in Indonesia which integrates hospitality, identity, and luxury in one integrated building.

Exposed from the Matraman Raya Street, this project tries to combining commercial area context with residential area by opening the folding facade to the Matraman Raya street.
It is The compact hotel designed in rectangular site with site area 2655 sqm with depth 29m and length 103 m. Rivoli Hotel able to accomodate with restaurant capacity up to 48 visitor on the ground floor and 7 meeting rooms with 12 people capacity for each on the first floor. The meeting room has a possibility of bigger meeting room configuration for a bigger program needs. Otherwise, the parking capacity up to 24 car units, 15 units on the basement and 8 units on the ground floor. The corridor enable cross ventilation inside the building.Thus, there is no air conditioner needed as a part of energy eficiency. Besides, there are glass voids on the corridor which able to transmitting light from typical floor to the first floor. Thus the light on the corridor comes from any directions.

The building mass is separated into two sides. The side facing the surrounding houses was designed monotonously, while the side facing the road was designed with a play on solid and void areas as a response to its commercial context and to the view of matraman raya street. Another play on solid-void was also applied in public-private area, such as the service area, emergency stairs and rooms. On the corridor there are voids in the form of glass panels that allows natural lighting on the typical floor up to the first floor.

The basic concept of the hotel is to collaborates both hospitality and commercial project, which combines hotel, restaurant, and meeting rooms into a whole compact building. The restaurant is located on the ground floor adjacent to the entrance and lobby as a public area, otherwise, hotel function is located on the third to the sixth floor as the private area. Collaboration of both hospitality and commercial project is to respond the context potential of the site which located on the strategic area, Matraman, which is dense of commercial activities.

Project Team
Client: N Group – Rivoli Hotel
Principal Architect : Realrich Sjarief
On going Project Team :
Tatyana Kusumo
Rio Triwardhana
Bambang Priyono
Hawandi Wijaya