Puncak Keemasan Office 99%

The tree follies that was designed and built in several months is almost finished. The office is operating now. Sugiharto Ongkosurja and Jimmy Budiarto has vision of creating not only good but great in Indonesia, please look at their official website, http://pkg.co.id/procon.php?id=3


With a grateful heart, we introduce PUNCAK KEEMASAN DUNAMIS INDONESIA, which will bring you amazing experiences and lifetime memories. With the right, solid and dedicated team, we build our dreams into reality.

We do not offer an instant pleasure, but instill values of life and pride of being Indonesian. There is a message and a story behind all of our works, even to the smallest one, because we believe that passion makes everything perfect. We want to share the happiness, pride, courage, sweetness, perseverance, trust and honor in each of our works.

Our creative approach makes us different from others. Ideas, skills and commitment keep us moving and growing until now, and will continue to bring us forth toward the future.

Development and improvement to any of our works reflect the awareness to move dynamically, adjusting to the changes and ages, in order to present works that are useful, meaningful and enjoyed by many.

We will continue innovating, creating and updating you with the progress we made.

Sugiharto Ongkosurja


A journey from good to great and from dream become reality.

Still not far from our memory when this total inspiring and enchantment platform used to be such a simple idea.

Now with all the hard work and passion from the team, this incredible journey from good to great has finally paid off into such a concept and standard that has never been achieved before in Indonesia and this region.

Many of the parties that involved in the process, also with the recent transition and addition to our creative and technical family, really enhance our overall strength and capability to achieve a blue ocean approach and concept to this industry that will bring sustainability and endless form of creativity that has never been applied before.

Our different approach into the philosophy of creating values for all the characters into our assets, has made each and every one of them very unique and meaningful, while seamlessly blending in our Indonesian culture and heritage, but still giving an urforgettable and enjoyable experience for everbody by using current and near future world class state of the art technology to create an atmosphere that is not available before in this region.

Embedding great moral values while rebuilding our younger generation character, nationalism, way of thinking, has also become an integral part of what this is all about.

By entering into our next phase of realizing this concept into reality, this will soon become the new benchmark for the industry, while serving as the lighthouse beacon for the nation and its up becoming to be the new gateway for Indonesia.

Jimmy Budiarto