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“I want a house. A house to live in, not a scene to look at,” writes homeowner Charles Wiriawan in one of his blog posts. Situated in the increasingly crowded West Jakarta are, the 159 sqm house occupies a 196 sqm plot of land. Size-wise it is inconspicuous, but its exposed concrete facade gives it a distinctive look. The architecture of Bare Minimalist blocked the heat by completely walling off the west side of the house while opening the rest to let air and light in. The house has no receiving area, no wall, and no living room. In their stead is a spacious lounge. ” After the lounge, the kitchen also takes some importance its final layout is the result of few adjustments based on the owner’s domestic habits. The only enclosed space in the first story is Wiriawan’s study, which doubles as a home theater.

The Bare Minimalist Residence responds its context of the potential of the site by 3 main design intentions into one narrow site: 8 m x 24 m facing south side. The intentions are: First, by exposing building that avoid west side because of the heat of direct sunlight of tropical climate which can expose the temperature to 33 degree Celsius, second, by designing a building envelope that responds to sunlight angle during 11 am o clock until 3 pm o clock the whole year. The third is mechanical electrical plumbing design, which allow fresh air flows to the space by having special design of air conditioner unit, potable water system, and usage of minimum capacity of lighting equipment.The project installed a drinkable water tap in this open space. While pure, safe to drink tap water is increasingly common in some countries, it is still a rare, exceptional facility in Indonesia, one that this project was determined to have in this home. The design of the building then conclude that the building need to face east at its widest sun exposure to facade, north, and south, but then, the cantilevered concrete prevents direct sunlight the whole year.

The void In the middle of the house functions as air chimney to respond air-stacking effect at its design core. The design of the opening grill, main door allows cross air ventilation to happen in the building by having gab 10 cm opening. The chimney allows hot air flows out through the gab. In the afternoon the layout design allows natural lighting coming in so the user doesn’t need to use artificial light. For facade of the house was designed with bare concrete and GRC to ease maintenance.

A simple foyer and a light well with generous footwear storage- guests are to take off and store theirs there before entering-precede the lounging area. The second story houses private spaces. At the end of the corridor is a 5 x 6 sqm master bedroom equipped with en suite bathroom and a walk-in closet. An outdoor showering area is attached to the bathroom, while the door connecting its indoor and out door area is made of clear glass.An additional bedroom, bathroom and a multi function room linked by a corridor leading to an open space beside the void leading o the stairwell and stair case, a pretty bow to knot the horizontal and vertical circulations together.

The layout of Bare Minimalist Residence use open plan concept, which allows living room and kitchen combined into open room. In the first floor, the space inside is used for guest bed room which more private space for master bedroom 3.5 x 4 m and 2 more bedrooms 3m x 3m for the kids are on the second floor. The floor to ceiling is designed by having 3 m height to get more spacious space.  The public area is designed clear to be seen while the visitor come into the house, several space such as guest room, dining room, and kitchen combined into one informal space which has efficiency corridor 20 % of the total area and general space 80 % of the total area.

Award : Nomination of IAI Jakarta Award 2012
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