IMARTA: Seminar “Research Project : Interactive Reading Space” by Realrich Sjarief (RAW Architecture)

Realrich Sjarief giving lecture to Tarumanegara student about the importance of reading book in architectural carrier.

From study conducted by Central Connecticut State University in the US, the problem of lack of reading motivation in Indonesia has ranked us 59 out of 60 country in reading abilities. This risked to inability of critical thinking or even understanding new form of information. In architectural field, Realrich had given example of how reading might supports us in design process. He illustrate his point from historical perspective, that the dynamic of linguistic field has brought us to post-modern age, in which we have to be able to gain our own understanding, deliberately, without subjugated to institution of man. Then, he gave example of reading space, as one alternative solution to invoke reading habit to community. Reading space, he thought of, is not limited to traditional form of  library. It has to change, and moreover, becoming a place to wonder and discuss. It can no longer be only repository of book, but a hybrid program that based on any activities that trigger our curiosity to learn.