Heritage Hotel at Taman Amir Hamzah

This project located on the site of heritage building at jalan Taman Amir Hamzah, Central Jakarta. Either the existing building or the new building were proposed to be one of the commercial building in The 1150 square meters land area. One storey ex-colonial style house has already replaced by resto and cafe, and the owner of this building wanted to make a hotel and his house around it.

The new hotel proposed to collaborate with the old building, the six floors new mass placed behind it, increasing efficiency of the space to provide several programs, additional three floors mass of hotel unit added to both side edges. The ground floor will be use for lobby, back of house, and office area. Lifted 1.2 meters to provide basement floor for guest parking and service area. First until third floor for hotel unit, and fourth floor will be use for owner’s house.

There are several approaches to design this building. The main idea is to make an emphasis with contradiction form between old and new, trying to instill different quality of space not only for the existing heritage building but also to their neighbourhood, which there are still many same style  buildings. The new building stands behind with repetition of hotel unit facade expression that divided into two big parts for entrance stair in the middle of it. The sequence from cafe are made for guest to pass the landscape and directly move into the first floor hotel unit. Additional building on both side of the heritage cafe made with folded facade to provide many different views from each hotel units, simultaneously giving the different quality of space in between.

The second idea is to maximize the efficiency of the space. Ground floor lifted 1.2 meters to provide parking area in the basement, so the ground floor can be used for back of house that need more areas. 33 typical hotel units are placed in the main building and 10 special units are placed in the additional building with different elevation from the maind building. It used double loaded corridor system to increase the efficiency of gross floor of the building. On the top floor of the additional unit, it can be used for green roof for the house owner as social space.

Third, to enhance quality of space through building performance. The 1.2 meters corridor in the middle of hotel unit has provided by continous void from the roof floor until basement floor. It provide sunlight and air stacking effect that reach several areas of building as well the basement floor. The void in each floor will break the narrow space and give advantages to the guest to feel different experience to see above and below. The folded facade in the new building on the both side give dynamic expression from the outside, and being functional from the inside of hotel unit, it used as built in furniture and window above that direct to the front of the building.

This project seeking to be one of new presedence of designing building in the heritage context, in order to respect the heritage building without excessive glorification to the existing building. The function are changed, people and culture as well. The value of authenticity will be important for the building to represent the historical periods.

Project Team
Client: confidential
Principal Architect : Realrich Sjarief
On going Project Team :
Miftahuddin Nurdayat
Tatyana Kusumo
Rifandi S. Nugroho