Dancer House

This is an ambitious project briefed couple who has paradox character between each other. one of them is rigid, rational, another is dynamic, emotional. The project was inspired by the couple realistic and expressionist expression when we met since the first time. Kahn once created beautiful piece of exeter library in tension to meet silence and light, and Gehry created beautiful piece of Guggenheim in tension to meet dynamic, and innovations.

This house called dancer house, because of the form. The house is dancing in its grid, the form is dynamic, capturing view by its blade. The organisation was broken in 3 parts, the entrance – services , living – foyer , and bed – pool. The curved wall divided each parts creating silhouette of form that dances. The project will be constructed at the end of this month, more detail will be revealed.

Size : 350 sqm area
with other collaborators who helped me during the process : Miftahuddin Nurdayat, Tatyana Kusumo, Rio Triwardhana, Rofianisa Nurdina, Hardiyanto Agung Nugroho.
Structure engineer: John Djuhedi
Supervisor : Sudjatmiko, Jasno Afif Angga