Book of Cerita 15 Arsitek Muda Review by by Qabila Dzulhasri Z. Edited by Dinda Mundakir

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We delighted that Archinesia has reviewed one of the publication about 15 cerita arsitek muda (Story of 15 Young Architect) which featured one of our work, Rumah Kotak Kayu. Archinesia is Based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Archinesia is an architectural publication that specialises in architectural development in Southeast Asia, providing the thinking behind inspirational buildings shaping the region today. Archinesia combines book and magazine, covering an unparalleled selection of current projects in the region, yet provides one comprehensive subject as a cover theme to encourage dialogue and discussion. It’s published twice a year, with the latest trends and perspective of Southeast Asian Architecture. Archinesia is a project by Imaji, established in 2010 by Imelda Akmal, a renowned architecture writer, is a publishing company focusing on books about architecture and design