Bank Indonesia Mataram

Bank Indonesia Headquarter at Mataram is one prestigious project which selected from winning limited competition,the design proposed a mixture between past and future. The past is a building consist of existing office. The extension in the need of extending the activity due to the maximum capacity of the building. The future project touched the other 2 storey building, and transformed it into a glass box building with repetition of new column structure.

Principal Architect : Realrich Sjarief
Team : Bambang Priyono, Apriani Kurnia Sarashayu, Andhang Trihamdhani, Randy Abimanyu, Indra Dwinugraha, David Sampurna
Status : Built
Co Architect, Structure Engineer, Mechanical Engineer : PT. Agra Tata
Agra’s team : M. Harris Yusuf, Happy Marfianta
Client : Bank Indonesia
Client’s Team : Harris Supri, M. Rizal Kurniawan, Winda