Features : 2 levels of guest house residence consists of 19 luxury room with The interlocking void with one big flat roof forming small courtyard between bedrooms which allows sunlight and air stacking effect inside the open courtyard.
Status : Built
Appointment: 2011
Construction Start: 2012
Completion: 2013
Area: 800 m²
Client: Akanaka Residence – Danny Yuwono
Principal Architect : Realrich Sjarief

Project Team:
Conceptual Stage and DED Stage
Project Team : Bambang Priyono Maria Vania, Suryanaga
Site Supervision Stage
Project Team : Mukhammad Ilham, Anton Suryanto

Management Construction : Edhie Rahardja
Structural Engineer: Cipta Sukses
Quantity Surveyor: Ir. Singgih Suryanto
M+E Engineer: Ir. Singgih Suryanto
General Contractor : Ir. Singgih Suryanto
Team : Endhang

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