Rucha Vivek Jaykhedkar – KRVIA

Dear Mr.Realrich Sjarief,

I am Rucha Jaykhedkar currently studying in my fourth year (semester 7) of architecture in Mumbai but my hometown is Nashik, a smaller city 170kms away from Mumbai and I am seeking for an architectural internship at RAW for a period of 100 days as part of my University.

I have always wanted to pursue architecture and could never imagine myself doing anything else when it came to career choices. I believe that architecture is not only about designing a building or a space but a social science that influences the lifestyle of people and communities for better. It is what we build for the society and its future generations. Therefore, all of my projects that I designed during my design studios tried to reflect the larger idea of community participation in an Institution. Being in architecture school has also given me a wider perspective to look at the surroundings as I travel.

The practical aspect of building a project is what I want to learn from RAW and also hope to work on similar lines in the future. I admire your work because all the projects seem to respond so well to the context and yet make an impact. Also there are many styles of building with a wide range of play and experiments with form and material with real translation of diagrams to buildings. Hence I believe that there can be a lot to learn from all of these aspects.

Over the years I have designed projects in various contexts in India from a dense city like Mumbai, to a small village in the mountains of Chakrata. The various user communities make me think about spaces critically. I am enthusiastic, passionate and I can work very well in a team. My software skills include AutoCAD, InDesign, Photoshop and Sketchup.

I am sure that this internship would be a great learning opportunity to grow in the field of architecture and I really look forward to working with your team. Thanking you in anticipation.



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