School of Holy Spirit at Bekasi

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School Of Holy Spirit, Notredame SND stands for suster Notre Dame, congregation which has been in Indonesia since 1934 at Pekalongan, central java. They dreams for a school consist of elementary, junior high, senior high school, dormitory, and chapel for every morning praying. The site itself is located at wonderful scenery with neighborhood and lake called Celebration Lake as water reservoir for the area. The topography is flat. The location is at grandwisata bekasi. The design groups zoning into 5 important cores like kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, dormitory, and chapel. The best pattern languages to be used in this school were exercised. We start with what if… What if the students come to the school in the morning and they pray before going for class. The church bell starts ringing, birds are singing. Students, teacher walks along the promenade. The place should be in the heart of the school. The heart of the site connects each group with pedestrian walkway, a walkway of Rosario, holy necklace which catholic people believe. It is series node of activity, place of students sitting, talking, place of students watching people, place of students proposing poetry bellow trees of flamboyant. Place where students can smell fragrant of thousand flowers, daffodil, roses. Like japan famous for its cherry blossom and Australia famous for its jacaranda trees. Like what Oscar Newman said place can be safer when there is condition for people watching people. The problem should be solved in a simple way, circulation should be clear as wide as possible without sacrificing the efficiency, there are further considerations to be discussed and worth explored. Budget is extremely important. Let’s see how this project going. We will update with coming news. we love when people of SND smile and nodded when we presented this scheme for the first time.