Work in Progress

Work in Progress

this diagram will explain the evolution of the installation design from the first phase to the build it design. there are a lot of consideration that influence the design. Such as de volume of the site, maintatnance, technical build, ambience, sequence, etc.¬† this five phase of the design will describe a little idea about the birth of “SUMARAH”.

Phase 1

in this phase all the idea is collected to generate the idea of the truest beauty of Indonesia. Than the exploration begin with the idea about something that ancient, holy and sacred place in Indonesia. Why we choose those keywords? It is the impact after we read the book with title “Sumarah, Spiritual Wisdom of Java” written by Laura Romanof. The book explain about how to achieve and see the real beauty of life. In other words, when you want to see the truest beauty of life is to do your best and surender it all to God decision. Then we make a conclusion that something holy and sacred thing can be analogically as a place to surender. Voila’ , when we googled it many picture about temple, mountain, panoramic landscape, and prayed people described the word of holy and sacred places. Another conclusion was made that something holy and sacred place is mostly ancient and from this conclusion we try to explore the ancient stacking structure to reach the holy spirit.

160512 - 359 - BRAVACASA PHASE 1

Phase 2

New data has been added, either do design. We try to refine the design to more proportional form adjusted with the height of the site. Then we cut off few part of the design to be more precise and reasonable form. More idea pop up to give circulation through the installation. The shape of the entrence and exit have to fit with the whole design. Modul, contents of the modul, size, joint, lighting, and matrial is still in waiting for confirmation from sponsor.

160512 - 359 - BRAVACASA PHASE 2

Phase 3

After the modul has been confirmed, then we refine the design to keep the mountain form with bigger modul. The first modul system was 30 x 30 c 30 cm. On this part the space inside the installation still have minimum space for people to mov and enjoying the sequence. But the good news is that the stacking box have to crisscrossed each other to give powerful image when viewed from inside and outside. The system also simplify the construction progress.

160512 - 359 - BRAVACASA PHASE 3

Phase 4

A few consideration in this phase has been accomplished, such as space inside, stacking system, the sequence of in and out, and volume. We check it again in human proportion, it doesn’t fit and the radius of the circle base was not feasible. The form¬† of the design still too difficult to get constructed and yet the entrance and exit haven’t proper or ideal for peaople to get trough. the truest beauty is yet to come.

160512 - 359 - BRAVACASA PHASE 4

Phase 5

After several trial and error, a few hang and bug splat, the ideal design was born. the stacking system, the radius, entrance and exit, interior space, joint system, and content of the boxes has been decide. the installtaion will consist of eleven level of stacking box and on average there are 25 boxes in each level. The box will be filled with seed of sprout and fish as a symbol of live inside living thing. Sequence and ambience from lighting and sound effect will add solemnity inside the installation.

160512 - 359 - BRAVACASA 5

The 99% Percent Sumarah

the progress is never finish until the user and audience giving feed back with what they feel about this installation. the interaction and respond of the audience with the installation isthe 1% which can make it 100% complete. Without respond and feed back this project will always be almostfinished.


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