In 2003, we started the company with a vision to bring the future to our client’s fingertip. Our interest in technology led us to experience the thrilling and exciting changes in the modern world of technology.

System that were simple and fun to use, beautiful interface, design, and a “humane” final touch to complement the perfection of the house or office building.

Today, our milestone are projects ranging from house, apartment, office, building, goverment and oil & gas company.

We don’t stop here.


  • Lighting Control: Automate Your light for comfort, energy saving and enhancing for every room
  • Shades Control : Easy control and schedule your curtain effortlessly.
  • Audio System & Home Theater : Make Your home more comfort with different music for different room. We make best-in-class audio solution and surround sound for your home theater.
  • Climate Control : Easily adjust your Air Conditioner from your phone, tablet or smart watch.
  • Shades Control : Easy control and schedule your curtain effortlessly
  • Matrix Glass : Adjustable frost/clear glass of any partition, bathroom, meeting room, facade and more.
  • Video Wall : Displaying multiple content in big display with 4K resolution.
  • Video Conference : Our product is a comprehensive group collaboration solution that combines with Microsoft Lync software.
  • Presentation Room : Complete wireless HD presentation from smart device.
  • Meeting & Board Room : Easy managing, monitoring & schedule meeting, reserve rooms via Microsoft Exchange Server, IBM Notes, Google CalendarTM
  • Security System: We keep your home more secure with security camera system. You can even view security cameras remotely for added assurance or just to check up on the kids.
Inpex Corporation,Jakarta

Inpex Corporation,Jakarta

Telesindo, Jakarta

Telesindo, Jakarta

Tamara Center, Jakarta

Tamara Center, Jakarta

Terra Residence,Jakarta

Terra Residence,Jakarta

Email:  info@kluege.com

Website: www.Kluege.com

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